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BE@RBRICK Van Gogh sunflower underestimated

The "Sunflower" series is one of the masterpieces of the Dutch post-impressionist painter Van Gogh. Each painting in the series shows a different state of life, from blooming to withering, portraying different aspects of beauty.

This Bearbrick, a tribute to Van Gogh, is covered with sunflower patterns, with large blooming petals and fluffy buds. Growing freely and freely and healing by the sun is the feeling this Van Gogh sunflower brings to people. From the ordinary at first glance to the intriguing to fanatical love after a long time, this process is like an appreciation of art, an existence that is difficult to convey. Need to experience

The pattern of this Van Gogh sunflower is also random. Each one is different. It is considered the most popular one among the printed styles. It matches the Japanese style of home decoration very well. There is a small black spot on the back of the leg. The frame, printed with the words [Van Gogh Museum], is a delicate little detail

Come and have your sunflower

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