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BE@RBRICK Two bear kings are here! |||

This article focuses on this SORAYAMA × Daniel Arsham 2G. For Daniel's introduction, you can read the previous notes.

Bearbrick SORAYAMA × Daniel Arsham 2G is a tripartite joint name of Bearbrick ➕Japanese well-known artist Sorayam➕visual artist anielD Arsham

Half of electroplated metallic silver, half of frosted marble white, irregular splicing design, there is a kind of incomplete beauty, each with different patterns.

The work of artist Daniel is full of contradictions between the past and the future. The naming of 2G marks the past world and the prospect of the future. 

This Bearbrick perfectly combines modern art with future technology. The personal colors and styles of the two artists are fully displayed in this little bear.


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