Vincent Van Goghs Country Road in Provence by Night

25 Mar 2022
Medicom Toy and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum are celebrating the opening of the latter’s “Collecting Van Gogh: Helene Kröller-Müller’s Passion for Vincent’s Art” exhibit with a 400% and 100% BE@RBRICK set...

Michael Jordan 85 Rookie Jersey and 92 TEAM USA BEARBRICKs

25 Mar 2022
Released for Spring/Summer 2022, Medicom Toy's Michael Jordan 1985 Rookie Jersey and 1992 Team USA BEARBRICK arrive in 100% and 400% kits and 1000% versions.   As the name suggests, the BEARBRICK Michael Jordan 1985 Rookie Jersey pays homage to ..

Medicom Toy Enlivens Andy Warhol's Portrait of Muhammad Ali

25 Mar 2022
Medicom Toy has immortalized Andy Warhol‘s portrait of Muhammad Ali in a new BEARBRICK. Warhol took the photo portrait of the boxer in 1977 as part of his Athletes series, which also includes other big names like golfer Jack Nicklaus and soccer..

Medicom Toy Crafts a Karl Lagerfield bearbrick

16 Mar 2022
Medicom Toy has revealed a new 1000% sized “The Kaiser” BEARBRICK figure honoring late Chanel and Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld. The larger-than-life designer is often known as “The Kaiser of Fashion” for his German r..

Toyota and Medicom Toy Ready a Minimal BEARBRICK 1000% Release Continuing the Drive Your Teenage Dreams series.

16 Mar 2022
Following the "Drive Your Teenage Dreams" series from STARBASE Inc. and Toyota Motor Corporation, the duo is gearing up to release the smallest Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK.   The limited edition Toyota x Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK 1000% Vol. 2 continues th..

Medicom Toy releases Chinese New Year festive BEARBRICK figures designed by Singaporean artist Jahan Loh.

14 Mar 2022
To celebrate Chinese New Year, ACU has collaborated with Singaporean artist Jahan Loh to design a series of collaborative Medicom Toy BEABRICK figures. Loh is known for his anime-inspired artwork and sprawling murals depicting futuristic characters. ..

MoMA Design Store and MEDICOM TOY collaborate on BEARBRICK for "Starry Night"

14 Mar 2022
Vincent van Wu's Starry Night is currently on a world tour with an immersive recreation of the original, and MoMA Design Store and MEDICOM TOY are collaborating on a set of BE@RBRICK figurines to celebrate this vibrant masterpiece.   The Starry ..

Bearbrick on the Earth's surface, there is love together

12 Mar 2022
Bearbrick has something to say!   Today, let's talk about Bearbrick on the surface of the earth, a limited edition for the 2020 Shanghai Innersect exhibition! With the concept of "Culture Happens Here", INNERSECT is committed to creating a uniqu..

The collision between the three-party joint bape shark and the mmj skull

12 Mar 2022
This is not the first time that mastemind japan has collaborated with bape!   Bape camouflage has always been a sign of the weather vane. Yellow camouflage looks brighter and better than green. You can always believe in the joint name of the thr..

bearbrick camouflage overalls milk girl tripartite joint name

09 Mar 2022
Taking advantage of the trough of the bear market, this pair of three-way co-branded suspender milk girls is worthy of collection   Fujiya Milk Girl is a common one, each one is very classic Medicom toy has also been cooperating Every year, diff..

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